I will be making my first solo trip to Disneyland in September I always have an awesome time at Disneyland with family so I am sure that I will have a great time by myself as well...after all, I will be at Disneyland!!! I am a little worried about missing out on being able to share the 'Disney Experience' with someone which is always a great part of the overall experience for me.

I am a 54 year old male that is a true Disney Fan!!! Once I pass through the park gates, I am transformed into a kid at heart I enjoy the entire 'Disney Experience'...the rides, the shows, the history, the shops, the food, taking a break on a bench and soaking in the atmosphere, etc!

I will be traveling from the East Coast to the Disneyland Resort from Friday 09/12/14 - Tuesday 09/16/14. I will be in the parks on Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

If you are going to the parks by yourself during this time frame and would like a park pal for a couple of hours or even the entire day, please feel free to send me a private message. Please be sure to tell me about yourself and describe your 'Disney Experience'...what rides/shows/restaurants/etc that you like.

Thanks for taking time to read my thread...hoping to hear from someone who might be in need of a park pal