I went the weekend before Easter last year and both DL and DCA were deserted and that was during spring break. However, this year is closer to 5-5-05 so who knows, plus most everyone knows its the year of the 50th and might not be able to make it with their kids later this year. I've pretty much accepted the mid to later part of this year and most of next will be busy for the park. I don't mind so much since I go for the atmosphere more so than attractions. Besides, lines are nice to view the elaborate queues we might normally zoom by and not notice the extra touches. I live in Vegas and I'm debating driving down. I've not been since November and I've got an itch to go. I'm doin WDW in June for the first time so i'm anxious for that. Then I plan to go DL around 7-17 if not that day. I just want to take lots of pics this trip as to try out the new digi cam before FL.