Hello All,

Maybe someone out there can help me find some photos Ive been looking for.
Take yourself back to the 70's and to the Peoplemover, specificaly the exit. Coming down the speed ramps (and of course riding your foot along the edge of the rubber to feel the up and down motion the the rollers beneath), there where 3 or 4 "Goodyear" advertisements that where animated (and I dont mean cartoon) scenes depicting different vehicles using different Goodyear tires. I remember one was a farmer on a tractor, one was a race car, probably one was a regular car, anyways, all of this is from memory. I remeber how much I enjoyed the level of detail and creativeness of the ads. I guess a modern day version of this is the Chevron shadow boxes on the autopia, which would be more fun to see on the way off the ride instead of before.

Anyway....... I 'd love to see them again and maybe even find out what happended to them after they where removed.

Thanks guy's