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    Cool Disney Use of "Outside Mechanics"

    Does anyone know if Disneyland still uses "outside mechanics" (which I take to mean non-Disney contractors) to maintain the attractions, or has Jay restored the "Walt Way" of using full-time park engineers and mechanics to keep the attractions up and running safely? thanks...

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    Re: Disney Use of "Outside Mechanics"

    I don't know the exact answer, but I was talking to a friend of mine who hires and fires in Imagineering and she said that they were using outside contractors more and more. This requires Imagineers to heavily monitor how things are being done. A lot of the time, the finished product is cheaper and has to be replaced more often. This was a while ago, but I would imagine things are still the same.

    Years ago, Pressler did bring in some group of mechanics(can't remember the name) and their purpose was to try and find ways of cutting back on attraction maitnence. They were said to help increase efficiency, but just tried to find ways to cutback on procedcures that were done when routine maitnence was performed on rides. I can imagine these peope and their policies are long gone, especially with addicents like Big Thunder, Space Mountain, the Columbia tragedy, or even California Screamin'. I would also believe with the way current management manages the parks, things are done much more thouroughly since there aren't constant cutbacks here and there.

    I hope I answered your question.
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