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    I never saw the old ride as boring or stupid and never understood why it was closed in the first place. Wouldnt it be nice if money were allocated and spent tomorrow just to fix what is there,give it a good cleaning and have it ready for July 17th rather than have an empty lagoon full of trash and a layer of scum?? You want the park to shine on the 50th then bring back the amazing ride to its full glory. Spend the money cleaning it up setting it straight and making it the magical journey through liquid space we all enjoyed. Sure it seems a bit hokey now that you are an adult but in the eyes of a child or a person seeing it the first time the ride was absolute magic. In its original state it was a great ride,maybe if some of the love that makes Jungle Cruises rehab look so promising were applied to the subs,it would be a great ride again. I would give anything to pass under the north pole and see the lost city of Atlantis one more time and to share it with my children.
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