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    Question Green Areas in DL vs. Cement in DCA

    This is just a personal observation.

    Has anyone noticed the when you enter DL the first thing that you see is the Mickey flowerbed, and the first thing at DCA is cement everywhere. This theme seems to follow me through each park. In DL green areas are everywhere and in DCA all of the green areas are off to one side or the other.
    Is it just me, or were the walkways not aligned in DCA to focus on the green.

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    Re: Green Areas in DL vs. Cement in DCA

    I've always felt this as well. DCA could use a green would be so much more welcoming. But I guess there's such a lack of it because of the fact that California isn't much of a grassy place (past the implemented lawns).

    Still, Hollywood lies about what California is like all of the technically Disney could as well.

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    Re: Green Areas in DL vs. Cement in DCA

    Yes, there are exspansive cement walkways in DCA with few plants. The entrance is very bare and plain-not that greeting. Another thing that is only Tomorrowland in Disneyland and everywhere in DCA is neon lighting.

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    Re: Green Areas in DL vs. Cement in DCA

    California is full of lush and unique greenery, which was a fact not taken full advantage of when the park was designed.

    I think the cement factor will definitely be taken care of after the plaza gets redone. They've already taken steps to fix this in HPB and it looks like the placemaking movement will eventually envelop the rest of the park.

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