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    Franchising Resort Restaurants?

    I, like many of you, can never get enough of some of the great food and fun atmospheres of the many restaurants at the DLR. Living in Northern Utah, I suffer through withdrawals of the Bengal BBQ (anything bacon wrapped rules!) and the BB. Given that the magical atmosphere makes Disney Dining even better, do you think any of the restaurants could survive if they were franchised out of Disney theme parks? Would the BB be much of a restaurant w/out POC? Would a dole whip be a dole whip if you bought it from a street vendor rather than just outside of the Tiki Room?

    Also, if any of you think franchising would work (and if you have money), please open a BB that is closer than 700 miles to me!! I AM DESPERATE FOR A MONTE CRISTO AND IT IS GOING TO KILL ME WHEN WE ARE THERE IN MAY AND I CAN'T GET ONE!!!

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    Re: Franchising Resort Restaurants?

    Pretty soon, nobody will be able to eat at the Bengal BBQ.

    I think those special Disney things like the Dole Whip should stay in the park. Part of the excitement of the Blue Bayou is knowing that you are inside the ride building. It can't be replicated.

    There's always the Rainforest Cafe in a pinch. Maybe they could make us the bacon wrapped asparagus?
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    Re: Franchising Resort Restaurants?

    Please get something in Northern Utah - I'm in Idaho, only a couple hours drive! If nothing else, just the hungry bear! Or the Blue Bayou, or a dole whip stand, - okay, I'm hungry.

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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    Re: Franchising Resort Restaurants?

    It wouldn't be the same, and cheapen the experience for everyone.

    Once upon a time, someone thought "Mmmmm... I like the burgers at this place called McDonald's. I wish they'd build another one closer to me."

    Personally I love Ohana's and Victoria and Albert's, but I have to go to WDW to eat there. Makes the trip special, though.

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