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    Single Rider

    Ok, I don't use single rider often enough to stay up to date on it, but I always find myself being suprised because either I found out that the single rider had been canceled (as I discovered months ago on Indiana Jones...) or founding out a ride has it... after waiting in line or using fast pass (More recently on California Screaming.)

    SO! Could someone help me out and let me know what rides currently have single rider?

    Splash Mountain

    Soarin Over California
    Grizzly River Run
    California Screamin'

    Are there any that I am missing? (Or do any of these no longer have Single Rider?)

    (I haven't see a thread on this since January so I hope its not too soon to ask again...? Thanks)

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    Re: Single Rider

    I believe Mullholland Madness still uses Single Rider. Splash is the only SR in DL, though Indy and Rocket Rods used to have SR.

    I'd really like to see Space Mountain have SR, Hong Kong uses FP,SR, and Regular lines...

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    Re: Single Rider

    ^ But does HKDL's Space Mountain have to un/load passengers every 10-15 seconds or so otherwise the whole ride has to shut down??

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