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    Re: Submarine Voyage...

    Hey, I want 5 bucks!

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    Re: Submarine Voyage...

    Quote Originally Posted by pancakesaregood
    From the looks of those pictures, I wouldn't get in the sub. I hope that this is the condition of only this one. I hope they presevrved them well, and didn't dump in some backlot like the Magic Kingdom. I wish I could see the interior of the subs in this condition and a layout or projected view of the new ones.
    No, they all looked like that. They didn't even bother to take the subs and dumb them backstage, they were left to sit in the lagoon back in the caves. The "new ones" are the exact same subs. Disney is the process of cleaning all fo them.

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    Re: Submarine Voyage...

    Someones gonna have to pay up. XD I was there today and the lagoon still had wood work around. I was shocked to hear it would be filled on Monday.
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    Re: Submarine Voyage...

    There is another thread around here that explains why the lagoon has to be partially filled, then emptied again.
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    Hey, Disneyfreak - those are my pictures...

    But that's OK! Regards; KotF

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