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    My first trip to Disneyland (last year). Everything was just perfect. I really felt like I was transported into another world. To top it off, my sister's boyfriend planned to propose to my sister (who had no idea) after the BELIEVE fireworks show. This was the best vacation I've had in years and I didn't want to leave. I'm hoping to be able to return this year for the 50th.

    PS My sister did say yes.
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    There are a couple:
    Seeing Fantasmic for the first time, it was my birthday and I was there with a couple of friends. We had dessert buffet tickets, and everyone in the area sang me happy birthday.

    At the begining of the year, I was in anaheim at a training for my job. Our organization bought us evening tickets to DL, and we went as a big group. I love the people I'm working with this year, and it was so much fun to be there with all of them.

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    My favorite DL experience was the first time I got to go off-season. I thought DL was always crowded, because I had only gone during summer. When I was in 5th grade my parents took me and my sister out of shcool in mid January. DL was completely empty I remember running around from ride to ride with no waits for anything. BEST TRIP EVER!
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