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    Ticket Book Vs. Pass

    I know it has been many years since the ticket books have been gone and I do remember using tickets to get on attractions. In the days they used the ticket books CM attraction operators would try to get as many guest through the attraction as fast as possible. It was like a game to get as many people on a attraction. At the end of the night they would tally up all the tickets and find out how many guests rode the attraction. It was like HM vs. POTC.

    Today I know there are more people then 26 years ago and there are strict loading procedures. Are there any incentives for getting more guests through a attraction? Judging by how many people attended the park daily. Could they use this competion to get more people through the attraction faster without putting guests in jeopordy? The lines are long and you can only use fast pass so much. I guess this is the big question for the suits. Is it really magical to stand in line for 1.5 hours to get on peter pan? WIth the AP's and 50th it seems the park is busting at the seems everyday now. As the days go by and we get into those heavy summer months. The bottom line will look really good for disney. I dont want to seem like I am knocking CM's they do a wonderful Job. Just wondering if the SOP can be changed a little.

    On a side note, Does any one remember the wrist band? I recall this was used just before they went to the passes or you could still use the ticket books.
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