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    Can you "switch-off" and use fastpass?

    So, I'm looking at my ridemax itinerary, and we're supposed to use FastPass for Soarin' over CA -- but the baby can't go? If we use fastpass, and I stuck riding by myself and letting my husband and son go together, or could we use fastpass and my son could go with each of us?

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    how old is your son? And what's his height?
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    Size of my son...

    He's like 41 inches, and he's 4... so, able to ride on the ride, but I'm wondering if we use fast passes for ANY ride if we can switch off, if the baby can't ride.

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    Yes, you can use a combination of FASTPASS and Child Switch. The first person normally goes thru the Stand-By (or regular if no FP) line, but can use FASTPASS. The second person goes thru the exit (in most cases) with the Child Switch pass.

    Just talk to the CM at the entrance to the attraction, and explain your situation once your FP is valid.
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