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Thread: Deals in May

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    Deals in May

    Hello! We are planning a trip to Disneyland in May and are sad to see that all the current ticket specials run out at the end of April. Does anyone know if there will be some good specials for May and after? How about a recommendation for a place to buy cheap(er) tickets? We have a group of 7 (5 adults and 2 kids) and are wanting to buy 5 day hoppers.
    Thanks for any help, tips, advice you care to share!

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    No, Disney never promotes cheaper tickets and with the 50th coming up, they want you to pay the full amount because they know u will come anyway. That's why the 2fer deal ends a week before the 50th celebration.
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    Try AAA. They may be able to help you out, especially if you are a member. They do, or at least were, offering unlimited FastPass tickets if you bought into one of their packages.
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    With the amount of people we will have coming into the Resort around this time ... there probably won't be any discount at all. Discounts are normally around the off season in a effort to get more guests in the park. There will be NO need for that come May!!

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    I think that come after summer the discounts might return.... but may will be crowded.. so perhaps only AAA will have discounts....

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    I booked our trip (in May) through AAA, and got some nice discounts over what it would have cost booking DL direct; it's still, between GCH and the 50th merchandise and gas prices, going to be an expensive trip.

    But it will be worth it.

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    I bought ours on line and you can get a five day hopper for 169.00 instead of 209.00.
    I think that is the best savings you will find.

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