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    All these threads on what to Change??

    The attractions at DLR are really wonderful. Other than update's I do think you can change anything and would make the park better. Disney's parks are the top of the game. When Walt started the park he knew there would be changes. I agree with that. TomorrowLand was always to be updated. Maybe, it is fun to see what people would come up with? I love the ideas that you come up with. But isnt this like buying a lottery ticket and wondering what your going to do with money?? The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, HM, POTC, Indy, Splash Mountain,BTMRR, Jungle Cruise and Small World. All of there's are constantly being talked about for update's. I read these threads and think "wow that would be great, but it will never happen."

    I think we all wonder what WDI is doing. Dealing with how much they have put in to WDW and all the other parks. DLR seems to be the step-child of the Disney Universe. Sure DLR had a 50th party, but didnt all the other parks share in that too. Yes DLR has DCA, but is it really what it should of been? Disney knows it made a mistake with DCA so they are trying to change it quick. A little paint here and a little more paint there. The farm went to the Bugs. The vineyard is dying. The Pier is getting some kinda of light show. The millionare stage is Dark. I know we all could go on and on about DCA.

    Looking I read these threads about change, maybe someone from WDI will read these and take it to the drawing board. It could the way I didnt win the lottery last night either. So I will still buy more tickets and you keep sending your ideas.

    Just my 2cents.
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    Re: All these threads on what to Change??

    The vineyard is dying because it's winter.

    Just thought I'd point that out.

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    Re: All these threads on what to Change??

    Thank goodness I am not alone, we chit and chat about ideas to overhaul rides more often than new rides, new ride technology and new parks in the area which would be more fruitful in my opinion...

    That and reflective threads on rides that exist or existed where we reminse. Maybe its me but I figure the average MiceChatter knows these kinda of facts and I like discussions that get of somewhere that hopefully Disney's team of web sweepers will read and absorb for reports to the exec's.

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