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    POTC Talking Skull

    Awhile ago, the Disney website offered a replica of the talking skull from the ride, along with other stuff like the HM tapestries and wall sconces. I've searched all over for the skull replica and can't find it anywhere. Anyone know any places that still sell it? Or if there's some special name for it/the character that i should be searching for? Thanks.

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    Re: POTC Talking Skull

    The best place to ask for that kinda gear would be at they have all the POTC buffs there. I have also see on that site some folks with links to there ebay sites sell stuff like that.
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    Re: POTC Talking Skull

    it was a limited edition piece. The disney direct site sold it. You might want to try delivears to see if there is any of them available but it was a limited item.

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