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Thread: Capacity?

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    I visited today from 8am until 2pm when I went to go get some lunch elsewhere. When I came back, lion king parking lot was CLOSED, and Mickey & Friends literally had NO parking (unless you can fit your car in a SMALL spot with part of it taken up by a double-parked truck!)

    They directed me to park in the Convention center... I drove the 1.5 hrs back home to San Diego to return another day. I knew it'd be busy, but not THAT busy. But I did get my Pirates rides, so I'm happy

    My question is.. On the days where DL reached capacity, how did they handle parking?

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    Re: Capacity?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gremlin
    My question is.. On the days where DL reached capacity, how did they handle parking?
    Any way they can!

    Not only do they have the Mickey and Friends lot, but they have lots and lots of little parking lots all over the place, stashed away for busy days. Last Sunday they were even putting guest's in Cast parking!

    I wonder if it will be this crazy Monday? I plan on going one last day since my pass is running out and I dont have the money too renew it.

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    Re: Capacity?

    Wow! This Disneyland craze is incredible.

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    I'm scared of you sir.

    Re: Capacity?

    Busy = More Money + Pixar Deal = New E Tickets!

    or, and most likely

    Busy = More Money + Pixar Deal = Same run-down attractions and even richer investors.

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    Re: Capacity?

    There's another lot ACROSS from the convention center on the other side of Harbor, isn't there? Next to or near the Strawberry field? And I think they run trams out there when it's needed, but I've never parked there.

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