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    Re: The Top Ten Most Obscure Facts about Disneyland

    Quote Originally Posted by melmel
    Uh... not true. You HAVE to be 21 to be a Security cast member. Believe me... we looked into it.
    Then perhaps it changed again. I was 20 when I was hired to work DL Security. That was back in 2000. I know we had some problems with 18 year old CMs making some dumb mistakes. A lot of the older Secuirty CMs were pretty upset about the age being lowered. Oh well....I'm certainly above 21 now, and if I needed to, my status is "re-hireable".

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    Re: The Top Ten Most Obscure Facts about Disneyland

    well heck , lets throw some more " secrets " on here

    In one of the original plans for the park Walt Disney had the entrance of the park so you would have to walk over the train berm using stairs then you would walk through the train station and back down the stairs and on Main Street

    If you look at the top of the buildings of New Orleans Square, you can see the top of a pirate ship. It is like the Columbia Ship on the Rivers of America.

    Throughout New Orleans Square there is a lot of Ironwork. Some of it, though, is not iron at all. At the higher points of the ironwork (too high to reach without aid) some of the spires and such are made of rubber...painted to look like iron. The rubber lasts better in the elements and won't rust.

    Space Mountain and Splash Mountain are actually taller than the Matterhorn, but since the Matterhorn is a Disneyland landmark, the taller buildings were put partially underground so as not to dwarf it.

    After the big splash at the end of Splash Mountain, the log makes a quick bend that quickly extends into the Rivers of America. It happens right after the drop, so riders usually don't notice where they are; they're too busy examining how wet they got. But if you go on Tom Sawyer's Island and wait around in an area where you can clearly see Splash Mountain, you'll see a log appear from a little cave and bend counter-clockwise into another one on the Rivers of America.

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