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    Question Help Needed-Late April-Early May Trip Planning

    No, its not for me (unless I can swaggle it in) but my friends who know I am a Disney addict and 'talk' to the MiceChatters want some input on a fast approaching trip.

    Their travel party shall consist of 9 people - 3 children (a 9 YO and 2-5 YO), 6 adults (3 seniors).

    I would like to know how busy the last week of April-first week of May will be. I know there is Spring Break at that time and it can be a lot more crowded than other times but would it be better in last week of April or the first week in May or does it even matter?

    Also, is Grad nights starting at that time? And if so, does it close ALL of DLR for those that are there or do they co-mingle with other visitors? Where should they avoid if Grad Nights are happening during this time?

    They do know that Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be down and I saw on the site that Mulholland Madness will also be down during that time (not that ride is one they look forward to going to anyways). Anything else that may be happening that they should be aware of?

    So with those questions in mind, I turn to you, Oh Wise Ones (and Wise-butt Ones) of MiceChat to assist me in helping the planning of this trip.
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    Re: Help Needed-Late April-Early May Trip Planning

    Actually, during the week this should be a good time to go. Most spring breaks will be over at the time, there are no major holiday's during that time and you are entering finals season.

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