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    Going to SoCal tommorrow but will I get to the Park?

    So I found out tonight I am going to Orange Co tommorrow. My prego daughter with a 17 month old is having dizziness problems and migraines , been to the ER for an IV and has a Dr apt tommorrow and hubby has to go for buisness to Sunnyvale for a couple of days. She pulled my heartstrings and managed to get me to fly down from NoCal to get her to the Drs ( she totalled a car a few years back while suffering from a migraine) tommorrow. So I did what any good mom and grammie would do and booked a flight and of course stuck my AP pass in my purse uhmm just in case she feels better .

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    Re: Going to SoCal tommorrow but will I get to the Park?

    Sounds like a nice break/fast getaway for a caring mom/grammie.


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    Re: Going to SoCal tommorrow but will I get to the Park?

    Awwww, how sweet! I hope your daughter is feeling better!

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