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    It seems like only yesterday...

    All I Ever Learned, I Learned at Disneyland...

    What are the lessons you've learned at the park? I'll toss out some of mine to start the ball rolling...

    Joy is fleeting, so it's worth it to spend an hour in waiting if you'll be able to spend two minutes in Neverland.

    If you spend a lifetime pursuing treasure, you'll still end up as bones.

    Reckless driving is a one-way ticket to Hades.

    To keep afloat in the boat of life, everybody needs to stand up at once.

    During the 101s in your life, it's best just to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on to the next ride.

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    Patience is a virtue...if you get the front seat.

    Being a kid at heart keeps you sane.

    NOTHING beats the smell of musty recycled water.
    "Yes, I'm a natural blue"

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    Any day at Dl is a good day!

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Take the time to enjoy the scenery.

    Welcome to my blog!
    A Photographed Life
    12/28: Copperopolis, California

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    People are going to be stupid- don't let it ruin your whole day

    Magic can be found in the smallest and most inconspicuous of places

    Pay attention to details, they are more important than you think.
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    DMCA for life, yo.
    MCDA- Bringin' sexyback, one pound at a time.

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    It's fall, ya'll!
    M&M's taste better if mixed in a bag of just Mickey Mouse colors.....Black, white, red, grey, and a few yellows.

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    People can be the rudest S.O.B.'s, even if they are in the Happiest Place On Earth.

    A hundered dollar bill ain't jack anymore.

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    Yes, it's real ;)
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    Tigers, Snakes, Elephants, Gorillas, and Rhinos can jump 25,000 when thrown out of a plane.

    The Nile is the longest river in Anaheim.

    Danger lurks just around the corner.

    That Trader Sam always has a deal headed my way.

    The natives like to disco.

    Lions like protecting sleeping zebras.

    That you see something gnu on each trip on the Jungle Cruise.

    It is a small world after all.

    Rooms can stretch. Ghosts can sing.

    Pirates like redheads.
    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

    May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.


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    Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.

    Disneyland's Life Secrets.... REVEALED!!

    "Happiness is a seven dollar churro."

    "If you insist on lagging behind, you may not need to volunteer."

    "If you pay too much attention to the back side of water, you may miss the left and the right side."

    "Never get drunk and play with fire."

    "Never play 'chicken' with an oncoming train."

    "There is such a thing as non-alcoholic mint juleps."

    "Good things don't come in small packages, they come in bread bowls."

    Now, with your new wisdom, proceed at your own risk. These be the last friendly words you hear. And I leave you a question to ponder: "After they get their legs, what do they do with the rest of the turkey?"
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    I still think of the things I learned from Duloc, such a perfect place: "Don't make waste", "stay in line, and you'll get along fine", "please keep off of our grass", "shine your shoes", "wipe"

    From Disneyland, though, two things come to mind immediately--everything looks better when you pick up the trash all the time; and never underestimate the power of a coat of paint.

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    Left the church, but not the parishioners.
    Anything that can jump 25 feet will always jump right over me, if I happen to be closer than 25 feet.

    Water really has sides.

    I could become very rich if I sold myself "by the pound" to pirates.

    Chasing men for their food is more PC than just chasing them.

    Looking into the eyes of an ancient deity will make for an exciting adventure.

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    Within 78 miles of WDW...
    if you enter a foreign lang with a lot of money... you will leave with an empty wallet.. no matter where you go...

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    I like all of these- I didn't think about a lot of them until they were mentioned...

    1. Beauty is truly in the eye of the Imagineer and the child within you.
    2. If a mouse can have theme parks, the meek can do more than inherit the earth...
    3. Even in the worst state of the world, they is always still a place where beauty is still palpable
    My mind won't rest
    and I don't sleep
    Not even in my dreams...
    -"If You Ever Did Believe"
    written by Stevie Nicks

    Chasen Matthew Pacheco

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    *I never new this but apparently its a small world after all, its a small world after all, its small world after all, its a small small world...

    *Grandpa Bob is the best main street driver

    *364 days of the year you can celebrate a very merry unbirthday at Tea Cups or in the privacy of your own home.

    *For all the magic the parks can conjur up they still can't make a decent cup of coffee, so bring my own or goto LeBrea Bakery.

    *I will always love DCA more than the rest of the world and I have to deal with that in thearpy sessions.

    *It is always the pilot's first flight on Star Tours

    *The light in Walt's apartment will never go out just like his dream and vision for Disneyland (and thats the important one!)

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    * All the guys that turn me on, turn me down.

    * You can be the only person in the Tortia Factory, you still only get half.

    * Some carousels just go 'round and 'round without getting anywhere.
    <img src= border=0 alt= />"To your left we have a welcome neighbor..... Our GE nuclear powerplant"
    Carousel of Progress - Progress City

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