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    Fireworks Soft Opening? Does it Happen?

    I know that before a ride opens they have soft openings to work out all the problems. Well will this happen for the new 5oth firework show. Will they be having the show prior to the May 4th date to work out any problems?

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    hmmm, nothing too "soft" about millions of ton of explosives shot into the air....

    I don't know how they would test this at the park. If it is tested at all I am sure it is done in some far off desert somewhere.
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    actually, I believe there usually are dress rehearsals for fireworks, although they are often after hours. All of the effects must be tested within the park to make sure everything works correctly...
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    perhaps...if I see anything on CROC (the Consolidated Resort Operating Callendar), I'll let you know (with the usual disclaimers, of course). As of now, I am only aware of the cast-only previews on may 3rd.
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    It is planned to be onthe 2nd AND the 3rd!

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    yes, according to the Cast Activities director, Matt Ebeling (former embassador) there is to be Cast Previews for Fireworks AND Space Mtn!
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