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    The Star Trader and ROTS

    Since the new Revenge of the Sith toys are going to be released on April 2nd, will the Star Trader be putting out the new toys on that saturday too? Will they finally get rid of the Attack of the clones posters and put up the new ad banners?
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    I just hope they will carry the new Star Wars "dark side" dark chocolate M & M's

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    I don't know about ROTS merch but has said some of the merchandise created for the Star Wars Weekends event in FL will be available at DL.

    Quote Originally Posted by dramaqueen
    I just hope they will carry the new Star Wars "dark side" dark chocolate M & M's

    I think the M&M's tie in is the most creative product promotion of them all for this film. You gotta check this out...
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    Te he he I've been wanting to post this for a week but was waiting for a Star Wars thread...This was drawn by Bruce Timm creator of the Batman Animated Series and Justice League

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