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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Chaney
    I miss being an innocent, wide-eyed kid sometimes, but always know that as soon as I pass through that entrance tunnel where I will leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy, I'll be an innocent, wide-eyed kid once again.
    That says it all. Thank you, Tom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan-500
    I have one thing that I think makes all the difference. The arts at disneyland. There is so much entertainment! The fireworks shows get a silver statue (all of them, you guys try doing a fireworks show :P) The fantasy land theater gets a bronze, but teh gold statue goes to FANTASMIC. It has been playing for so many years, and still gives me tingles! It an amazing show, with so much hard work put into it by cm... It is my all time favourite!
    I second that! I remember while watching the show, I heard a little girl next to me whisper "look mommy! Mickey really has magic!" and I just had to smile!
    "Just remember the month of May followed by a nerd."

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    Anaheim, OC
    DCA: Show - Animation building with out a doubt )
    DCA: Ride - Tower of Terror
    DCA: Food - Wine Country Trattoria


    DL: Show - Fantasmic!
    DL: Ride - Indiana Jones and the Temple of The Forbidden Eye
    DL: Food - Blue Ribbon Bakery

    "This guy!"

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    Best opening day ride: Jungle Cruise
    Best dark ride: Superstar Li..owOUCH i'm kidding! Space Mountain.
    Best dark ride in between: Haunted Mansion Holiday(original music)

    Most underrated attraction: Storybook Land
    Most overrated attraction: Enchanted Tiki Room
    Most underrated land: Frontierland
    Land with best potential: Toontown

    Most missed attraction: PeopleMover
    Most desired ride from those who never got to: Flying Saucers
    Best land: Tomorrowland

    Best snuggle spot: Skyway

    Best restaurant: Club 33
    Most underrated restaurant: Rancho del Zocalo
    Most overrated restaurant: Pizza Planet
    Best inexpensive restaurant: Monorail Cafe
    Most missed restaurant: Monorail Cafe & old Goofy's kitchen breakfast

    Best store: Old Disneyland Hotel gift shop(can you tell I miss that place?)

    Best intangible: Change
    Worst intangible: Change

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    I second that! I remember while watching the show, I heard a little girl next to me whisper "look mommy! Mickey really has magic!" and I just had to smile!
    you know, thats what makes life magical! When you hear or see something like that! It always makes me smile when you hear stuff like that. I can just imagine, look mommy mickey has real magic! Gives me tingles thinking of it!

    ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy

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    LaLa land
    Best Overall Ride:POTC
    Best opening day ride:Jungle Cruise
    Most overated ride:Splash Mountain
    Most underated ride:Roger rabbit
    Best "Mountain":Space
    Best entertainment offering:Fantasmic
    Best land:NOS
    Most overated land:Adventureland
    Most underated land:Fantasyland
    Best resturant:Blue Bayou
    Best counter service:Rancho
    Most underated resturant:French Market
    Most overated resturant: RRPP
    Best snack:Churro

    Best overall ride:TOT
    Most overated ride:Sorin'
    Most underated ride:Screamin'
    Best yesterland resturant:Soap Opera Cafe
    Best resturant:Pacfic Wharf cafe
    Most underated resturant:Award Wieners
    Best snack:chili cheese fries at AW
    Best land:Entry plaza
    Most underated land:Paradise Pier
    Biggest mistake:SSL

    Best resturant:Rainforest cafe
    Worst resturant:Ralph Brennan's Jaz Kitchen
    Best snack: pretzel
    Best store: World of Disney

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