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    May 3rd Video of RDCT?

    Hi there, I remember back on may 3rd, when RDCT had it's first showing, there was a video posted somewhere.. I lost it when I switched computers, and I'd really love this video.. I loved the reactions from the crowd, and hearing people cry when tinkerbelle was coming for the first time..



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    Re: May 3rd Video of RDCT?

    I love thats show and peoples reactions. How the kids are in Aww

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    Re: May 3rd Video of RDCT?

    I ususally don't care for firework shows, but I really love this show.

    I can't watch it without crying...

    I don't, however, know where this video is.
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    Re: May 3rd Video of RDCT?

    Click on the Shows and Parades link and there is a video of the May 5th show

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    Re: May 3rd Video of RDCT?

    I remember being in Carnation Gardens for the show on May 5th. It was magical.

    My absolute favorite spot to be during the show is the walkway between the fruit cart and Carnation Cafe, right in the center of Main Street. Especially when it comes to the first stretching room cue. So much fun...

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