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    Disneyland's Past

    Hi All-
    I'm a bit confused. Here are my questions
    Was there ever a Mickey Mouse Club (or mouseketeer) theatre at DL ow was it WDW, and if it did exist here in DL what was it?

    And was captain Eo where HISTA is now?

    And one more...
    Videopolis was always in fantasyland theatre right?

    Thanks, i'm only 14 so I want to know a little more about past attractions

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    Re: Disneyland's Past

    The area in Fantasyland that is now Pinocchio's Daring Journey used to be the Fantasyland Theater. The old Fantasyland Theater showed cartoons.

    The HISTA theater used to show Captain Eo and the current Fantasyland Theater used to be Videopolis.

    May I suggest a look at

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