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    Re: A new DLR PeopleMover (and show scenes) idea

    Quote Originally Posted by filmfreak11
    Maybe put neon lights on the sides of the PM vehicle.
    We would still have the same problem, only the Peoplemover's lights would leak in instead of the outside light. We could just switch the track around to make the Peoplemover go around SM and have it go through Redd Rockett's, ala WDW's Contemporary hotel Monorail, but it may not go so well. If they have room between the GC Diorama and SM, we could fit the Stitch scene there. I also like the idea of having an elevator-lift take the Peoplemover up to a top level of innoventions or the Star Trader's unused level.
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    Re: A new DLR PeopleMover (and show scenes) idea

    Bring back the Stormtrooper!

    Quote Originally Posted by pineapplewhipaddict
    I also believe that a tour of Tomorrowland is marketable, so long as the ride has some exciting features.

    I'm having some difficulty picturing this Star Wars scene, filmfreak...I'm not entirely sure how this complicated scene would work in the said area. But say it did...and we had Luke and Vader. I feel that it would be better to have R2D2 and C3PO interacting with the guests on the PM track, as they are the main characters from the movies that you see on the ride. There used to be a single Stormtrooper swaying back and forth that you'd see for a short moment (and I suppose I'm biased as this was my favorite part of the whole ride )...but, wouldn't it be cool if say R2 and 3PO were being chased by a bunch of Stormtroopers, then escape and send you on your way? I don't know...

    Tron would be cool...if it ties with the new version thats coming out fairly well, it could be a pretty good hit with guests.

    Buzz sounds you mean the little green aliens? I know the little green men opened up the ride, but you never see them in the ride.

    Captain EO? Ehh...what he said. Maybe there could be a "time machine" sequence here, and there could be a whole bunch of dinosaur AAs or something.

    In any case, great ideas.

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