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Now I heard thru sources.. the thris park will be a water park like they have in tokyo.. they would have a water park open during the summer months.. then the other half would be rides open all year round..

hubby told me this when he worked at DCA in 2001... he saw the plans....but since I have worked there, have sen or ehard nothing.. MAYBE i am not looking in the right places.. hmmmm
I think that idea was originally intended to be the second gate at the resort, but built in Long Beach or something, but was scraped for some reason and instead we got DCA. The reason was probably the fact that Eisner was a cheap skate who only cares about making the most money without spending a lot before (luckily he's no longer with the company and . But the project turned into DisneySea when the company that owns TDL took over the idea. I think it's a great idea for a park and think a similar park would be great in California but not a carbon copy. That's why I'm suggesting an idea that mixes both DisneySea and Animal Kingdom, to form a park that features live water animals.But I think something with water will be the basis for some new park at Anaheim, if not a full theme park, it'll be at least a water park (similar to the two they have at WDW).