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    Quick question about the week of June 19th?

    Hi guys!
    I'm planning a quick mother-daughter trip from june 17-21.
    She's doing really good in school and I thought I'd surprise her the last day of school and say "we are going to Disneyland!" (well, that's the excuse I gave my husband, the truth is I'm DYING to see the EP!!!)

    Anyway, I saw on the DL website schedule that the park closes early 6/24 (for the Pirate's premiere or so I've read here).

    1-Given that we'll be there the week before that, do you think Pirates will be running as a "soft" opening (I think that's the term?)

    2-Also, am I insane for going in the middle of June? I've always gone in the off-season, usually september, this year we went on President's weekend and it was crowded but bearable due to the rain. (I'm blocked Saturdays so we'll be there sun-wed, does that matter in the middle of summer?)

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Re: Quick question about the week of June 19th?

    I was there on June 19th last year, it's my birthday and it was pretty busy, but the morning was VERY workable!

    Surprise trips are so much fun! I hope you both have a blast.

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    Re: Quick question about the week of June 19th?

    No chance for soft openings for Pirates, they will hold the ride to allow the celebrities to be the first (other than CM's) to ride.

    Note that the week before the premiere, starting June 17th, the park will not offer Fantasmic!, and that a lot of things around the Rivers of America will be a big mess, and might be closed, including the River Vehicles. Pathways will be controlled due to the bleachers being set up for the premiere party.

    Crowds have been larger than normal all this year, partly due to the ticket discounts, but also due to the 50th anniversary.

    I presume it will be a busy June.
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