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    Re: Will they close Disneyland this weekend?

    When will the spring break crowds be over and the summer crowds begin??

    I have plans during the second week of May to take some relative from Virginia that have never been to Disneyland and Hoping its not too terribly crowded, so any Ideas of what it might be like ,About may 11 and 12 I believe its a wednesday and thursday.???
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    Re: Will they close Disneyland this weekend?

    ^ That should be a good time of year to go. Spring Break is over, the 2-fer is over and the park should be relatively empty.

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    Re: Will they close Disneyland this weekend?

    I feel like I spooked everyone with my post last Monday (3/27). I honestly had not seen crowds like that three weeks before Easter, but Easter is pretty late this year. I was also figuring in that DL DID hit capacity quite a few times around the holidays...back in Nov/Dec. I remember seeing the "Disneyland is full" signs out by the parking structure, and thought that the Spring Break crowds might show up in force last Saturday. Happily, I was wrong and I'm still amazed at what a little rain can do here in SoCal to drive down the number of guests. At WDW, we had a typhoon every day, and people just threw on ponchos and went on with their business. So it sounds like the Karla/Micechat crowd got lucky in the fact that it only rained a little in the morning and then the sun came out and it was a nice day. If the weather stays nice, we'll see if I'm right about the crowds over the next three weeks. Hopefully I'm totally wrong and just happened to go on a freak weekday with nice weather and the other half of western civilization off for spring break. I'm going again today, and there's a 90 percent chance of rain, so let's hope people stay home again!

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