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    Re: Splash Mountain?

    Quote Originally Posted by Redsix
    So after your exaustive research (which was awesome) so is the 2nd drop lap soak the wettest you can get...wait that sounds really bad...but you know what I the water level could have a effect here? yes?
    From my experience, if you want to stay dry and take the measures to stay dry, the lap soak on the second drop is the wettest you can get. But the last drop, with everyone trying to get wet, you can get much much wetter.

    I LOVE getting soaked on rides, but I hate the cheap lap soak.

    Lean to the left people! All you need to do is lean to the left! It's a whole new world... of... ya know... not moist laps.
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    Re: Splash Mountain?

    OMG, okay I have just been sitting here cracking up.

    Thanks for all the tips, TJL.....I'll keep those in mind this weekend!
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    Re: Splash Mountain?

    I too have noticed that. Last time I went on it which was a while ago, I did get more wet on the little dinky drops then the big drop.

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    Re: Splash Mountain?

    Quote Originally Posted by aerinpegadrak
    The second to last seat is the money seat for staying dry. That's where I sit when I film the ride.
    I totally agree. I always make a huge fuss about being in that seat simply because on the last drop you don’t get anything.

    But I will say, inside of the ride, is the worst part, if you are sitting anywhere but the front. Not because you necessarily get that much of a splash factor, but more of a slosh factor. The water just overflows in over the sides in large amounts and you have no where to hide.

    Regardless of where you sit you will get wet, but that's the point of the ride. The most fun part if I do say so myself.

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