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    Re: When is the best time to go durring summer?

    We go during the summer every year. Never again in July, WAY too hot and crowded. We go June 15th or 16th for 5 days. *knock on wood* the crowds havent been that bad. Usually by the 4th day they start picking up and by the 5th day we are only there till noon and thats enough for me. The crowds get to me by then.

    Good luck.

    (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)

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    Re: When is the best time to go durring summer?

    We always go the last week of August/Beginning of September over Labor Day, and it's always PACKED! Fortunately we go often enough that we aren't running from place to place, we just take it easy and relax either at the hotel or on the inside attractions during the hottest part of the day.

    Other than not having the parades/Fantasmic!/fireworks, I have always enjoyed our late November Christmastime trip more than the summer b/c it's cooler and less crowded.

    Except this past trip, which was a nightmare, the entire trip.
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    Re: When is the best time to go durring summer?

    There's a chance I might be down in the area the first week of June (3rd through the 6th). How busy is the part during that time?

    I know most West Coast schools aren't out yet, so I would think it wouldn't be as busy as it could be during the summer.

    But any info would be great!

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