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    Yes (as other's have said), there was no Snow White in the original. BTW
    IMHO, this was a nice concept, but the execution was pretty bad. Just a bunch
    of painted flats that you go thru.

    Yes. Snow White is in the first (on the left of the rider) scene in the cottage and
    in the final painting before you exit now. This is happened at the Fantasyland
    rehab of '83 (? not exactly sure, but seems right). This really made this one of the
    best rides in the park at the time.

    I've heard that the original Peter Pan did not have Peter Pan (except via voice).
    Now, he's seen fighting Hook and captaining the ship back to London.

    DisneyFans has a website of quicktime videos of the major rides...

    I believe both rides are in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedQueen
    She is in the first scene on the stairs ONLY. She is not at the end unless you count the painting at the end of the attraction. Now, in WDW (I LOVE their version) she is in a LOT of scenes. There is also the final scene of the Prince kissing Snow White. It is AWESOME! But, yes she is only in one scene and it is in the very begining!
    She's not at the end because the story doesn't end... It's like "Here Snow White, eat this apple. *thunder and lightning*And they lived happily ever after." It makes no sense! It's incomplete. I don't like that ride.
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    Thanks for the info everyone! It didn’t seem likely that the imaginers would follow one viewing concept in Snow and not in the other darkrides, but I wanted to make sure.

    When I worked in Fantasyland I always got a ton of questions about why Snow White wasn’t in the ride or (for more observant guests…. few and far between) why she only showed up once. Funny that I never had anyone exit Toad and ask me where he was. I wonder why the first-person view worked for that attraction and not the others.

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