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    Haunted Mansion Holiday

    When will the haunted mansion be closed to install the HMH overlay? I'm planning a trip Sep 29th - Oct 4th and I want to make sure it'll be open. Is there anything else I should be aware of those days? This will be my first DL trip ever and I want to see as much as I can.

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    Re: Haunted Mansion Holiday

    It should be open around that time... probably towards the end of your trip. It usually opens between the 1st-3rd.

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    Re: Haunted Mansion Holiday

    if your going make shore to work your way aroundnoty go from one place that is at one end to the other end then back to the same end also use the fast pass. it helps alot you most likely want to use it on splash mountain and space mountain\

    make shore you go on

    fanstasyland:mattahorn, Mrtoads wild ride, peter pan( if its a short line do it because this can be a really long time) Small world
    Tommorow land Space mOuntain Buzz lighter astroOrbiters Autopia and Star toursif you like star wars
    Frontierand: Big thunder moutain
    New Orleans Square: Pirates of the Caribbean ,Haunted Mansion CritterCountry: Splash Mountain And if Kids Winnie the pooh i still like to go on it and im 14
    Adventureland: Jungle cruise And INdiana Jones
    Toon Town: If you have kids this is a good place if you dont only go on Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin THis is where mickey mouse and minnie mouses house is

    NOTE:Indiana Jones Haunted Mansion Pirates of the Caribbean Jungle Cruise Splash mountain Space mountian buzz lightyear matterhorn are must does

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