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    Re: Disneyland Morning Prep?

    Is there ever music playing in the park after hours?

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: Disneyland Morning Prep?

    Quote Originally Posted by Druggas
    Is there ever music playing in the park after hours?
    It varied, most of the time, they turn it off. But a lot of times, it could be on ALL night, (Especially on Main Street). Which could drive you nuts sometimes. During the day it's nice and barely noticeable, but it is in fact much louder than people realize. And, hearing a constant loop of the same music for 8 hours with no other noise to distract, can be hell! Those were the nights you NEEDED a cd/mp3 player. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to when the music was on in any area. Sometimes all night, sometimes till 2am than back on at 6, it was always different every night. (If anybody worked in the sound dept., they could shed some light on this) Because of this, I'm almost positive that most of the area music is shut down manually (Sometimes, you'd be shocked to find out how low tech some things were. Then sometimes, you'd find out something was WAY more high tech then it needed to be! It always seemed to be those extremes.)
    Some sounds were NEVER turned off. Which could make for frightening experiences at night, like the overly loud Snow White wishing well, which I mentioned before (seriously that thing is loud)! Or that stupid tiger growl or whatever in the Tarzan Treehouse. Or the music over the shop windows at the Emporium.

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