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    Wink The Peoplemaker....

    I know that as a teenager I used to enjoy Disneyland, not so much for it's attractions and shows, but for the countless places I could make out with a girlfriend. One of my favorites was the Peoplemover, or Peoplemaker as it was dubbed on Grad Nights. I don't know if this topic has been posted before but has anyone else experienced their own "fantasyland" on any of the attractions in the park?

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    Re: The Peoplemaker....

    I believe there is a similar thread to this in the litter bin if I am correct.

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    Re: The Peoplemaker....

    Yeah, the PeopleMaker, er, Mover and the Skyway. I won't discuss what I did on them in a family forum though.

    Oh, and Splash before they gave everyone separate seats!

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