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Well, I like the name, I do think its clever. On your other two pints I agree, however. My biggest beef with paradise Pier is thus, Disney put everything Walt Disney was AGAINST when he build Disneyland IN ITS OWN LAND!!!
actualy Walt looked at doing a Pier type setting for Disneyland at one point, however he didn't want the cheep games meant to rob you of your money (and I think he hated bird poop as well)


as far as Screamin goes you guys are correct on the whole maintenance issue, from what I've heard that ride is a pain to have close down and whenever it does guests complaints go through the roof so Disney wants to just keep this ride going as long as possible until it has something to counterbalance it (so basicaly they can send gets to X attraction when Y attraction is down) they were hoping ToT would do it but that didn't pan out I hear (of course not your comparing a drop ride to a coaster :P)

Screamin's need for a counterbalance is one of the reasons I still continue to say that DCA does need another coaster or major thrill ride ontop of needing a good darkride, so that they can redirect guests when Screamin is down or vise versa

anywho as far as the Pier getting refurbs goes I've head that DCA may get it's own taste of fresh paint around fall? (possibly some before the 50th but most of the bigger things will be saved for later I hear) I think Screamin is also being looked at for this date (don't hold me or my sources on this because I don't think it's cemented in yet o_o boy I just go quoting from one site to the next but at least I get a number of different people that have usefull info)