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    Re: Captain Eo Premiere

    I think if they showed that film today amongst the general population and not said it was Michael Jackson, people would think it was just a musical sci-film with a man who vaguely resembles Michael Jackson in the late 1980s. I can't tell if it is or isn't him..I can't recall if I saw it or not, but can remember the purple and pink amongst the white paint of Tomorrowland.

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    Re: Captain Eo Premiere

    Just for fun..............Here is a link to the full Captian EO video.....If you have not seen it in awhile, it is fun to watch, even without the 3D. If your Kids never saw it, now you can show them who Michael Jackson was!
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    Re: Captain Eo Premiere

    Folks, Wacko Jacko is a weirdo of the past. The new weirdo for the 21st century has arrived, and ironically he comes from the 1980's...

    I say leave Michael Jackson alone and concentrate on someone who gives us fresh stupidity and bizzarre behavior every day now. Cruise might not be as strange as Michael Jackson yet, but give him a few years, Michael wasn't really that weird the first few years either.

    As for Captain EO, I loved it and I honestly would not mind if they brought it back. Say what you will about Michael, the man is a gifted entertainer.

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