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Thread: Got my new AP's

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    Got my new AP's

    Well, I bit the bullet and renewed since I have to be in Newport this weekend anyway. WE got the special Mickey ones. I thought they were cute, and after the females in my family had the tink ones last....but, my poor s both looked at them and said "those are for boys! Where's the one?" Ooppsss! I still think they are cute, but they do look rather masculine after the tink passes.
    Anyway, I digress....I ordered them on Friday, and they got here on Monday! It's like they had they sitting in the envelope just knowing I was going to order! I totally was prepared to go to guest relations and get a temporary pass for this weekend as I was sure they wouldn't come in time.
    Way to be on the ball DLR!

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    Re: Got my new AP's

    Wow, that sounds like a great turn-around time!

    Have fun

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    Mickey is *never* just for boys!

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