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I was wondering with the 50th coming up in month if Disnneyland will be able to accomplish their goals?

Think about it. The Tomorrowland RR station is still not open, Space Mountain is still sitting there (maybe completed, maybe tested, maybe empty (the latter not likely)), and now walls are going up around the sub lagoon.

Is Disney really going to be able to build a new ride in the sub lagoon in less than a month? Is this possible? Granted, the track is already done. But if you think about it, re-doing the subs (which may already be done), creating the new ride visuals, building the scenes then testing in all a month? Is that possible.

The only way I could see this possible is if Disney has gone behind our backs and some how built and installed all of the ride scenes inside the sub cave after the outside box testing occured. It would seem like a shame if Disneyland did not have the sub ride open for the 50th (which I assume is their projected date of completion) and have walls around the lagoon for the 50th?
youknow I've gotta wonder what's with all these posts looking at the Subs as a 50th gift, they're not a 50th gift they're what will be used to keep the steam rolling after the celebration is done

that's the way theme park buisness works you end one thing and begin another to keep people coming back

as I've said on other threads the construction walls will only excite visitors and make them want to come back really soon (unless they're obsessive APers who will come back anyways and will complain about construction)