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    california city pass question

    I have purchased (online) the California City Pass ticket option. I am supposed to redeem my coupon for the tickets when I check in to the DL Hotel. My question is:

    The "rules" state that the Disneyland Portion must be used FIRST. Does this mean all 3 days for DL must be used up, before the Universal Studios/SeaWord/San Diego Zoo tickets become active? Or do I just need to make my first DAY at DL, and THEN I can mix/match days & parks however I want?


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    Re: california city pass question

    I think the rule about going to Disneyland first has to do with you purchasing it online thru People who buy them from Costco ($25 savings) or at USH, SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo/WAP can use them in any order.

    What Disney does is gives you a 3 day ParkHopper ticket in exchange for the voucher, along with a CityPass booklet containing the other vouchers.

    So you can use the ParkHopper any way you want to after getting it. For example, you check in Tuesday evening, and just hang out at Downtown Disney. Then Wednesday you drive to San Diego and visit SeaWorld, then come back that night. On Thursday, you decide to use the 1st day of the DLR ParkHopper. On Friday, you go to USH. And then use the other two days at the DLR on the weekend.

    So the key is getting your CityPass booklet at the Front desk, after that, you can do anything you want to.
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