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    Re: Has the food at Disneyland gotten worse, or...

    There was a time when I'd rush to the park after work in the Summer to meet friends for Dinner on a week night. No more. It isn't worth rushing to the park to eat. I'll rush there to meet a friend, but I'll likely catch a burger from Carl's Jr. on the way rather than overpaying for meat flavored gray cardboard.
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    Re: Has the food at Disneyland gotten worse, or...

    Dude I hear so many people on here that like Pizza Port. Did I just go on a bad day or what? The pasta was gross, the pizza was rubbery, and nothing else really looked that good to me. We are all about the corn dogs, turkey legs (even though sometimes they are WAY too salty for my taste), and when we eat at BB, we usually get the stuffed chicken and fusilli pasta to share. It's a huge plate and it's quite tasty IMO. What they need is to open the Big Thunder ranch and cook up some BBQ!!!! Ribs, chicken, tri-tip. MMMM, Disneyland and BBQ, I could die happy after that combo. Did they do this before? I read it somewhere but I have no memory of it.

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    Re: Has the food at Disneyland gotten worse, or...

    WDW food is 4x better(maybe more) I was there last week for the first time and the thing that stood out most was the amount of different food choices and better food quality everywhere. compared to WDW, DL food sucks! the only food I like is Bengal BBQ, Pizza Port, and Blue Bayou but these are still worse than burgers and fries in WDW

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