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    Disney Spectacular at the Hollywood Bowl

    Wouldn't this be fun?!

    July Fourth Fireworks Spectacular
    Special Performances*July4
    *Saturday, July 2, 2005, 7:30 PM
    Sunday, July 3, 7:30 PM
    Monday, July 4, 7:30 PM
    Hollywood Bowl
    2301 N. Highland Avenue
    Hollywood, CA
    (323) 850-2000


    Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
    John Mauceri,* conductor
    Additional guests to be announced


    The Happiest Music on Earth
    Celebrating 50 Years of Disneyland Park
    Five decades ago Walt Disney had a vision
    - to create a place where dreams come
    true and families could enjoy music, fun,
    magic and imagination. John Mauceri and
    the Bowl Orchestra celebrate that vision
    - the cherished American tradition of
    Disneyland® park. From classic like
    "It's a Small World" to favorites like
    "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Indiana
    Jones™ Adventure," it's a night of musical
    memories with special guests, film, and
    the Bowl's fantastic fireworks.

    Produced in cooperation with The Walt
    Disney Company.

    Link here
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    Wow, I got a little chill reading that- it would be an awesome thing to see!
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    I wanna go! I wanna go!!!!!!
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    That sounds amazing, to bad we go home two weeks before that.
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    I think you can purchase them off Ticketmaster.

    If not, you have to wait until the Box Office opens on May 7. Then I think you can call or fax your order.

    BTW, the 4th of July things are the BEST THINGS ever, esp. now since it's Disney and at the Hollywood Bowl. I recommend going there at least once. It's beautiful. I went to a LOTR symphony there last September and it was awesome.
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    I know someone in Arizona who has season box seats on Saturday nights, will have to do some major begging for this one. I have a funny feeling he'll be flying out for that performance though!
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