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    Can you see the old Tron tunnel (and therefore the Rocket Rods track) from in Innoventions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phruby
    I hear Disney has boarded up the windows that the peoplemover and sm line used to have to look inside space mountain. I wonder why they did that?
    So it doesn't spoil it for people who haven't ridden the all new SM yet?
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    >>Replacement for TRON Tunnel<<

    Just one problem .. the existance of the "Super Speed/Tron Tunnel" was because it cut through the center of the second story above America Sings. Innoventions/CoP layout has the track running along a NARROW path along the outer edge of the building .... The Carousel building would have to revert back to a One Story attraction (ala America Sings) to re-route the Peoplemover track .. once again ... to accomodate rooms large enough to fit new scenes.

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