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    Re: single riders needed

    I wish more rides had single river available. I'm often at the park by myself and with SR maybe I'd go on more rides. A 45 minute wait for something sucks by yourself.

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    Re: single riders needed

    Quote Originally Posted by THE BOB
    Single Rider lines, Fast passes and Rider Switches should just be abolished from the whole resort. Stuff like that just gives people reason to cheat the system. So yeah, I'm very thankful that Space does not have a single rider line, we don't need it.
    It's not cheating the system if those spaces are going unused, I don't think...

    Maybe what they should do is offer folks in the standby line to separate if they don't mind, but at that point your at the front of the line anyway, so the people it would benefit would be the ones behind you. The whole line would move a little quicker that way. Hmmm....

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