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    Well, I was wrong about FW.

    In another thread I mentioned that Fantasy Waters might be making a comeback, but Waltzing Waters says that the stage for the show is too worn to house the newer updated shows that they install, they were visiting the show area last week and looking over it to see if it was possible, but Disney went ahead and fillied in all the wire portholes and removed all the drainage and tore out all the electric components in the control housing room, they said the origional show was custom designed to match the weired shaped pool and they no longer do that. plus the old fantasy waters show was made using scavanged parts from older fountains which made the effects look messy and because of that lowered the price for Disney big time and they don't want to buy a new show, so it wouldn't work for Fantasy Waters. They also said perhaps Disney will have a show within the park it self but as of right now no plans are made. Also What is the fate of the show area right now? is it still just the jets going on and off?

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    Re: Well, I was wrong about FW.

    Well the hotel doesn't need to be as big as a draw now, the overload of things like FW isn't needed to convince people to stay in the hotels overnight anymore.

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    Re: Well, I was wrong about FW.

    I'm really sorry, but what the deuce is Fantasy Waters?
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    Re: Well, I was wrong about FW.

    Fantasy Waters was a twice-nightly fountain show at the Disneyland Hotel that was one of the property's major features.

    The show featured Disneyland music (including pieces from defunct attractions), announcements by Jack Wrather, and an array of unusual lighting. Unfortunately, even though Fantasy Waters was one of the major points of differentiation at the hotel, the show, along with the marina and several other features, was dismantled in recent years.

    Before the marina was replaced by the Neverland Pool (another mistake, in my opinion), the fountain show could be viewed from a series of multi-tiered piers, as well as from most of the guest rooms that face inward.

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