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    Re: How busy for Mother's Day?

    Quote Originally Posted by dixilandgirl
    Hey~ major Thanks, guys! I'm glad we didn't go today afterall. Considering what's against us for the summer, my hubbie and I have decided to try to use our APs on a middle-of-the-week venture (like a Tues or Wed trip). We're looking forward to going this Wed, before school is out and before the summer crowds appear.
    Wednesday is a really good choice! It shouldn't be too crowded since it is pre-summer vacation. I love Disneyland mid-week, its usually so much less stressful.

    Yesterday was okay, not too crowded, but not too empty either. We were there from about 10:30 until 4:30. There were definitely more people in the afternoon, my guess because the Mother's Day brunches were over. The carnations were a nice touch! Plus if you had a carnation on, CM's wished you a happy mother's day all day long! Very cute!

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    Re: How busy for Mother's Day?

    We were at the Resort in the afternoon yesterday and it was a very plesant day. Mansion was a walk-on and the rest of the lines were not too bad. It was a nice day to be in the Park.

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    Re: How busy for Mother's Day?

    We spent the last half of Mother's Day at the park yesterday, and I thought the crowds were very light! We went on the Matterhorn twice (once per side), the teacups, the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, the Jungle Cruise, and saw the parade and fireworks - not bad, considering we didn't start until after 5:30 p.m.

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    Re: How busy for Mother's Day?

    Quote Originally Posted by socal05
    Sorry to give what might be bad news, but I was there today from 11am till 5pm and it was a beautiful day. Perfect weather, and the crowds were not bad at all. I don't think you could expect much less (or more) from a warm Sunday. My experience:

    Alice in Wonderland: Line had almost not overflow
    Teacups: Line started way in past the tree
    IASW: Line started all the way in as the LAST left turn!
    HM: Wait 5 minutes max when we went
    Buzz: Shortest I've seen in a long time on the weekend

    Overall it was my favorite day at DL of the year so far.
    It's true, yesterday was beautiful, the parks were busy but no where near as crowded as I've seen it before on a summer weekday. Great weather, no line was longer than 10-15 minutes without fastpass in DL and in DCA it was like having a park to yourself. Must have rode California Screamin' 8 times. Usually, you could walk right on and TOT was that way all day.

    The longest wait we had was for Turtle Talk with Crush which was (CHAAAAAA!) very cool. Man you have to watch out for the human hatchlings when those doors open, it was a little stampede but the show was GREAT!

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