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    Re: Ten things you MAY not know about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...

    Quote Originally Posted by Frogberto
    Big Thunder Mountain RR, the subject of the post, is the same design in both Disneyland and WDW, is it not?
    It is not.

    I don't believe uncredited cut and paste jobs on a private web site with it's own set of rules are protected by "fair use." The FAQ warns against wholesale copying of copywritten material.

    I've never disputed the fact that grease "thins" in heat. I've disputed your claim and repeated defense that the tracks of Big Thunder are greased.

    Your link to a picture of the steel wheels you claim are used on Big Thunder leads to an "ERROR 404- FILE NOT FOUND"message.

    I'll leave all the other inaccuracies for others to discuss, I'm unsubscribing from this thread.
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    Re: Ten things you MAY not know about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...

    Quote Originally Posted by speederscout
    Pay better attention to your research: the web page you reference clearly states that the steel wheels to which you refer are from a WOODEN COASTER. Steel coasters all use a very high-tech version of the same type of wheels used on roller skates and have ever since 1959, the year Matterhorn was built, as mentioned above.
    But in stating this, you're taking my post out of context. I was responding specifically to the Atticbat post, which I quoted, and which stated the following:

    "Coster [sic] wheels have not been metal since the Matterhorn was built."

    My post responded to that, by showing current "coasters", in operation now, that by any definition have steel wheels.

    The post I quoted, and the response, were not speaking of Big Thunder Mountain's wheels in particular, and it's somewhat misleading to suggest otherwise.

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