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    Lily Belle Question

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a good week. My friend is a Club 33 member and she made reservations for us to go eat lunch there in a couple of weeks. I asked her if we can also go ride the Lily Belle that day, but she said she doesn't know how to make reservations or get on the Lily Belle. Do any of you Club 33 members know how to go about getting on the Lily Belle? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, any recommendations for lunch? I'm VERYYY excited.
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    Re: Lily Belle Question

    I just did this on mothers day. They tell members that they can not make reservations for others on the lilly belle because it is just "members only."

    however... the day of we went into city hall claiming that we had Club 33 reservations and that we would like to ride the lilly belle. The CM took down our name that the reservation was under and called over to Club 33 to check if we actully had a reservation. Once verifyed, she called someone at the main street train station ( I think this is where she called,) and checked if there was room.

    Make sure you go to city hall early, they only let like one group per two hour window on. We had lunch at Club 33 and check in at city hall around 10 AM. There were only two spots left so we had a choice of them. It was truly a magical experience and I am glad I was able to treat my mother to two wonderful mothers day gifts.

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