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    My pics from 5.20.06

    just a few pics... it was such a nice day, i have never been on so many rides in one day it was awesome...

    the park wasnt that crowded, fast pass' came in so handy... i love the single rider splash mountain line... it was walk-on

    walked over to DCA to check out that wine weekend, wasnt much going on ... food didnt look like it was worth tasting... but, umm burrrbank ice cream hit the spot !!

    thats it for now... must rest
    So, as they say at Big Thunder Mountain -- "Hold on to your hats and glasses cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!" i like west better

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    Re: My pics from 5.20.06

    Thanks for the pictures, you really take an excellent photo. Really clean!

    Of course I love the Mark Twain.
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    Re: My pics from 5.20.06

    Those are lovely
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    That explains the trouble that I'm always in...

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    Re: My pics from 5.20.06

    great photos thanks for sharing

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