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    Disneyland 50 CD and Splash Mountain aa figure changes?

    A Mouseplanet user heard a ten minuete clip of the new 6 cd set, this is what she supposedly heard, it just sounds like rehashed disneyland forever music.
    Do you think the new cd might have the old parades, like the Party Gra, the Bicentenial parade, hercules, hunchback, mulan? And are their any new aa's in Splash Mountain since the refurb?

    Walt Disney's opening day dedication
    DLRR spiel
    Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
    Ragtime music
    "Let's Dance at Disneyland" (From Date Night at Disneyland)
    Tiki Room attraction narration and music
    Jungle Cruise sounds
    Tarzan Treehouse attraction music
    Mark Twain narration
    Pirates of the Caribbean attraction music
    Feed the Birds (instrumental)
    Morse code from NOS RR station
    Dixieland music
    Haunted Mansion attraction music
    Roofus sleeping
    Banjo area music
    Country Bear Jamboree
    Splash Mountain attraction music
    Country Bear Vacation Hoedown
    Pooh (instrumental)
    Rainbow Caverns
    Big Thunder
    Golden Horseshoe (Overture: Hello Everybody)
    Proud Columbia Spiel
    Once Upon a Dream/Carrousel loop
    Peter Pan attraction music
    Mr. Toad attraction music
    Matterhorn safety spiel and attraction music
    "it's a small world"
    Toontown sounds
    Roger Rabbit attraction music
    Adventures in Inner Space attraction narration and music
    Miracles from Molecules
    Star Tours attraction narration and music
    Carrousel of Progress attraction narration and music
    People Mover attraction narration and music
    Rocket to the Moon attraction narration and music
    America Sings attraction narration and music
    Submarine Voyage attraction narration and music
    Space Mountain (Dick Dale)
    Tomorrowland area music
    Remember... narration with Julie Andrews
    Country Bear Christmas show
    IASW holiday attraction music
    Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction narration and music
    Main Street Electrical Parade
    Fantasmic! (Some Imagination, huh?)
    Disneyland closing announcement (Disneyland has now ended it's operating day)

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    Under the blue and pink tarps of the French Market
    Sounds like a lot for just ten minutes to me.

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    Im wondering the same thing about Splash Mountain. I was hoping they would reinstate more America Sings AA's

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    The track listing for the new 6-disc CD set has been posted for over a week now:;threadid=2026

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